Evidence to Welsh Affairs Committee Shale Gas Inquiry published

My report on the scientific and technical evidence against fracking, on behalf of Wales Green Party, heads the list of 18 submissions:


Most of the usual suspects are there, but there is a clear consensus against fracking in the evidence listed. Of course they won’t all be given equal weight, will they?

It is also interesting that DECC felt obliged to submit something to re-state the Cameron/Osborn line.

It will be very interesting to to see how the Welsh Affairs Committee interprets what is before them. Are their minds open to persuasion, or will they fall sheep-like into party-line?

Given the current composition, I will be staggered if they achieve anything like unanimity. But then again with 5 blue tories and 5 red tories, plus the one yellow tory, we may have to rely on some resistance from the solitary PC member. I sincerely hope that I am being unduly harsh on the Labour members with this comment, but given Carwyn’s stance to date in the WG, Welsh Labour really have to get off the fence and declare what they think is right. Let us see if they are up for this challenge.

Member Constituency
David T C Davies MP (Chair) Conservative Monmouth
Guto Bebb MP Conservative Aberconwy
Geraint Davies MP Labour Co-op Swansea West
Glen Davies MP Conservative Montgomeryshire
Stephen Doughty MP Labour Cardiff South and Penarth
Jonathan Edwards MP Plaid Cymru Carmarthen East and Dinefwr
Nia Griffith MP Labour Llanelli
Simon Hart MP Conservative Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire
Siân James MP Labour Swansea East
Karen Lumley MP Conservative Redditch
Jessica Morden MP Labour Newport East
Mark Williams MP Liberal Democrat Ceredigion

It may be a good idea to write to them directly, especially if they are your MP – and that can include the good people of Redditch!

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