People’s Assembly Public Meeting – Unity Against Austerity – 18th September

  • Speakers from local trade unions, tenants and bedroom tax campaigns, Green, Labour & Plaid parties. Organising to support the NHS demo on 29 September and day of action 5 November. Owen Jones is now a confirmed speaker along with Pippa Bartolotti from the Green Party; Steve Clarke from Welsh Tenants; and Peter Crews from Unison and a couple more yet.

    Contact Andy if you would like a lift from the Bridgend area.

    VENUE: YMCA, Taff Street ,Pontypridd

    ‘Unity against austerity’

    We will help people attend the ‘support the NHS demonstration’ at the Tories conference on 29 September.

    Organise for UK day of action on 5 November and other ongoing local forms of resistance.

    Are you angry about

    · Wage cuts, zero hour contracts, unemployment and forced work for free?

    · Bedroom tax, loss of disablement benefits, and ATOS tests?

    · Privatisation and underfunding of the NHS?

    · Climate change and ‘fracking’?

    · The working class paying for bankers’ crisis?

    Would you fight for:

    · Making companies and the rich pay their taxes?

    · Stop privatisation, keep control of the nationalised banks and re-nationalise industries such as rail and water?

    · Repeal the Tories NHS legislation and keep the market out of our national health system?

    · Direct investment by the state into green and other industries and services that benefit people and not profit?

    · Scrapping Trident and other unnecessary military and war spending?

    If you agree with most of these statements you should be involved in the People’s Assembly.Support our letter and get involved by coming to our meeting.

    People’s Assembly UK:

    People’s Assembly local: and

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