Updated August 2020

This blog started off life as the Bridgend Green Party blog, but I am no longer a member of the Green Party. After 18 months unaffiliated to any party, I then joined the Labour Party. This may well shock some people, given the ferocity of some of my criticism of Welsh Labour over the years, but I did so in solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn at a time of the Blarite post-EU refrendum ‘Chicken Coup’. As a green leftie, it is obvious enough that Corbyn offered the only realistic, prospect of a socialist advance in the UK. Corbyn’s excruciating demise, primarily at the hands of his own Party, and the subsequent huge backward leap to Blairite politics under the awful Sir Keir Starmer, meant my time with the Labour Party was done.

The story of my withdrawal from Wales Green Party can be found here. I finally resigned my membership completely after the 2015 General Election.

Sadly, given the huge amount of time and energy I spent setting it up and establishing it as arguably the most active and successful local Green Party in Wales, Bridgend Green Party floundered after my departure and as of June 2016 ceased to exist, instead merging with Neath Port Talbot Green Party to become the somewhat cryptically named Seven Valleys Green Party. Their new Facebook page is here.

Time will tell how much I continue to use this blog, but I plan to maintain it even if my postings become increasingly irregular, as it was recently added to the archives of the Welsh National Library.

It will remain a place for me to share my views on the world around us. This is useful therapeutic exercise for me, but I hope others may find some value in some of it at least.

Thank you.



What is Ecosocialism?

Ecosocialism is a vision of a transformed society in harmony with nature, and the development of practices that can attain it. It is directed toward alternatives to all socially and ecologically destructive systems, such as patriarchy, racism, homophobia and the fossil-fuel based economy. It is based on a perspective that regards other species and natural ecosystems as valuable in themselves and as partners in a common destiny.

Ecosocialism shares with traditional socialism a passion for justice. It shares the conviction that capitalism has been a deadly detour for humanity. We understand capitalism to be a class society based on infinite expansion, through the exploitation of labor and the ransacking of nature. Ecosocialists are also guided by the life-ways of indigenous peoples whose economies are embedded in a classless society in fundamental unity with nature. We draw upon the wisdom of the ages as well as the latest science, and will do what can be done to bring a new society, beyond capitalism, into existence.

We recognize that ecosocialism on a global scale is a long way from being realized. But it is on the horizon: far off, yet rising; indefinite yet vital, a terrain to be mapped, explored, and brought into existence. Our mission is to facilitate a global movement toward the ecosocialist horizon. The whole future depends upon it.

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