Directory of anti-fracking groups worldwide

Not comprehensive – but still quite an  impressive list. The video from Australia gives a glimpse of what South Wales will look like when the frackers get in their stride.

  • Why Tara is Blockading QGC – The Tara Blockade of Coal Seam Gas Company QGC

The Residents of the Tara Estate near Chinchilla, Queensland have decided enough is enough and are blockading QGC from entering their estate. They have Locked Their Gates.


Frack Free Aotearoa









Living the Drill (This is a registry for anyone, anywhere in the world, whose water, air quality, land, business, health, or community has been adversely affected by gas drilling or gas pipelines. Read their stories here)

10 thoughts on “Directory of anti-fracking groups worldwide

  1. kevin huw morgan

    I saw the latest episode of Keiser Report (Episode 169) which isn’t yet loaded to

    I mention it as, in its 2nd half, Max interviews James Howard Kunstler & fracking’s one issue – they both being very up to date with their refs that were ones saving me getting lost in the blizzard that’s the Huffington Post on the subject… and the other chaos that seems to be out there on the net in regard to antis’ latest news & coordination.

    I was pleased to find your site therefor, and pleased to send you on my ref to the particular episode mentioned.


  2. Karen Feridun

    Here in Pennsylvania there are 5 Gas Truth groups – you have Central PA. There’s also Lehigh Valley Gas Truth, Berks Gas Truth, York Gas Truth, and Bucks-Montgomery-Philadelphia Gas Truth.

    Any list should also mention Protecting Our Waters and Delaware Riverkeeper Network.



  3. Roberto Saiz

    Hi for eveyone:
    I have been visiting your website and I can see than above this comments there is a web banner of a Spanish Petrol Company named REPSOL. This company promote fracking in Spain and South America. That situation surprise me a lot.


    1. swanseaandllanelligreenparty Post author

      Thank you Roberto for pointing this out.

      It is one problem of using WordPress that we do not have control over the advertising banners that they allow.

      We may have to look elsewhere for a bolg host if sort of things happens too often – it is potentially embarassing as you suggest.

      Thanks again Roberto.


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