Frock Swap reminder this friday

FASHIONISTAS’ FROCK SWAP Friday, May 9th, The Green Room, above SUSSED from 7.30pm.

Entry £3.00 includes a drinks and nibbles reception – alcoholic and non alcoholic.

Join in the vibe with like-minded frock swappers and take home some fab new clothes.

Reduce, reuse and recycle your wardrobe.
Give your unwanted good quality clothes or accessories a second life, go home happy with something amazing – you may strike gold!

As a nation we have a staggering £30 billion worth of clothes we never wear. Around 30 per cent of clothes bought every year are not worn.

Some items in your wardrobe are too good to give to the charity shop, but be frank, you don’t wear them anymore for one reason or another.

At the same time reduce your carbon footprint, 0.4 kg of CO2 is saved for every item of clothing that is re-used rather than bought new, and have fun. That can’t be bad!!

Participants should bring at least one loved item (clothing / accessories), considered too good for charity shops. Must be of decent quality, permitting a same value swap.

If more than one item is offered then a similar number of swaps can be made.

Hand over your items to our team on arrival in return for tokens which you can then swap for clothes. Additional tokens can also be purchased for £1. Relax and enjoy a night out with a difference.



Margaret Minhinnick
Sustainable Wales Cymru Gynhaliol
4/5 James St.
CF36 3BG
01656 783962

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