Fracking – Mass Acts of Creative Disobedience – Possibly the most powerful testimony to have come out of Balcombe

This 12 minute film features particularly poignant and powerful testimony from Rev. Peter Owen Jones, and it is not often I point people towards men of the cloth.
It also features numerous others explaining what is going on down there in Balcombe and why peaceful, non-violent direct action and civil disobedience is the right path for us to be taking and supporting right now on this issue.

I knew that this is what would be needed when I started this campaign more than 2.5 years ago, but wondered if we would ever get to this point as it has been a long hard slog to raise sufficient peoples’ consciousness about this quite technical issue. But the basic implications for our whole relationship with the planet and each other are beginning to permeate across society now – well beyond the clued up fractivist community.

We are are very much at the time and the place to stand up and be counted, like Frances Crack, like Caroline Lucas, like Rev. Peter Owen Jones and countless other selfless people who’s names I do not know. We owe them all our support and our thanks.

Andy Chyba

PS – The troubadour sings of us being the descendants of Robin Hood – my mother’s maiden name was Bowman and the family tree can be traced to very near Sherwood Forest, so I hereby claim this as a literal truth in my case! 😉

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