Charitable Chaplaincy Campaign lobbies Welsh Government AMs

The email message below was sent to every AM over the weekend by
The Charitable Chaplaincy Campaign, The Wales-wide, cross-party
Campaign for a charitable hospital chaplaincy.

It is posted here, with Alan’s Permission, to raise your awareness of the issue.

Dear ….. AM,

As you return to Senedd for the 2012/13 session you cannot fail to be
Aware of the increasing financial stress being experienced by the Wales NHS.

Health Boards are in deficit.
Concern continues to be expressed about the funding of neonatal care.

We are asking a very simple question. How can public funding of
Religious care in hospitals be justified when far more critical
Services are funded by charitable trusts?

The Health Ministers of both the Third Assembly and the current
Assembly have failed to provide such a justification. At the end of
The 2011/12 session we sent to you, by email, financial data and a
Closely argued case for charitable funding of hospital chaplaincy.
During four years of campaigning this case has never been challenged.

If the Wales NHS is to solve the difficult financial problems it now
Confronts, a careful examination of its priorities must be made.

Please discuss this matter with colleagues and challenge the Welsh
Assembly Government to justify public funding of religious care in
These circumstances. If you are member of a faith community please
Discuss with its leaders the possibility of creating a Wales-wide
Charitable trust to pay hospital chaplains. Such an initiative would
Surely represent a public relations success for the faith communities.

Alan Rogers

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