One shot at an international Arms Trade Treaty – UK leaders must commit

This year, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to protect human rights and save hundreds of thousands of lives.

UN member states have voted overwhelmingly to develop the first international Arms Trade Treaty – but we need to make sure that that Treaty is bulletproof.

This February marks the final UN Preparatory Committee (PrepCom) before the deciding negotiations in July. As the PrepCom approaches, we need to call on the UK’s party political leaders to support the strongest possible Treaty.

Any indication that the UK, as a major arms exporter and influential government, is reducing its support could encourage other countries who are pressing for a weaker treaty – one which fails to protect human rights. Read more about the Arms Trade Treaty

The human impact of the unregulated arms trade is shocking. This could change – but we’ve only got one shot.

Email David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg and ask them to publicly commit the UK to lead the way in securing an international arms treaty that saves lives.

You will find Amnesty International’s suggested wording here, and they will forward it for you from here (towards bottom of page) too:

Feel free to edit the message to add a personal touch.

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