Today’s Frack-Free Wales demo in Cardiff Bay

Mission accomplished!The sun shone on us as we gave voice to our opposition to the frackers threatening the environment and long-term prosperity of Wales with this crazy obsession for extreme fossil fuels that grips Westminster.The turn out was a little disappointing in terms of the shortfall from the numbers that had pledged to attend, but we nonetheless made up for this in terms of noise, colour and spirit. It was also very successful in terms of publicity and getting our message across to at least some AMs.

  • My scientific and technical briefing paper was delivered alongside letters and petitions to Carwyn Jones’ office
  • We had a slot on the ITV Wales News this evening featuring an interview with Frances Jenkins
  • I did an interview fro Capital FM Radio
  • At least two independent film makers were busy the whole time
  • Professional photographers, Peter Cook and Nigel Pugh took plenty of pictures – some of Peter’s below
  • We had excellent and encouraging discussions with Lib Dem AM Peter Black and Plaid Cymru AM Bethan Jenkins
  • Had a good laugh that my ‘No Fraking Way’ t-shirt was deemed too political to be allowed in the Senedd – they don’t like politics in there it would seem!

It was great to see passionate activists coming from far and wide to support us – from Somerset in the East to Swansea in the West, with a healthy contingent of Bridgend Greens in attendance. Thank you, one and all!

But a special thank you to the inspirational Frances Jenkins for all the time and effort she has put into Frack-Free Wales, inspiring the the rest of us to do what we can.

Peter Black AM, Andy Chyba, Frances Jenkins (Frack-Free Wales)

Frances, Andy and Bethan Jenkins AM.

Part of the colourful and noisy crowd on the Assembly steps



FFW scientific-and-technical-evidence-against-hydraulic-fracturing.pdf

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