Fixing the banking system for good

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Positive Money
Dear Andrew,
Responses to the recent Cypriot banking collapse have shown that there is still a huge lack of understanding about how banks work and therefore a lot more educational work and awareness building to take part in. Read below to find new publications, videos and interesting events which give support for this work. Please share them with your friends.

1) Conference “Fixing the Banking System for Good” – Free LIVE STREAM

Screen_Shot_2013_04_16_at_15.03.41.pngA very interesting conference takes place TOMORROW (Wed 17th April) in Philadelphia, USA. Some big senior figures in the economic, monetary, and financial worlds, including Adair Turner, Laurence Kotlikoff, Michael Kumhof, will be discussing fundamental solutions to current global monetary and banking problems.

You can watch this event free online from your office or home.

(The event starts at 1:30 pm (GMT), M Kumhof at 3pm, L Kotlikoff at 3:45pm, A Turner at 6:30pm, Full agenda here)

2) Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP on Positive Money


Watch a video message from Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas for Positive Money supporters here:

“There is no doubt that our financial system and the ecosystems on which we depend are at the point of collapse. We can tackle both problems simultaneously if we’d only admit their interdependance. If we’d only recognize that how we spend money and how we create money, has an impact on our environment.”

3) New publication: The Positive Money Proposal

Screen_Shot_2013_04_02_at_15.59.33.pngThis new document presents on 34 pages a plan for monetary reform, that is described in much greater detail in the book Modernising Money.

The reforms are outlined from the perspective of an individual, a commercial bank and the central bank. The proposal gives also an accounting perspective and describes a method for transitioning from the current monetary system to the reformed system.

This is a more technical explanation of the reforms, intended for economists and people with an understanding of banking. Some of you may prefer to read the Plain English proposal.

4) Book “Enough Is Enough: Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources”

Screen_Shot_2013_04_16_at_15.25.08.pngA new book Enough Is Enough from the Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy identifies reform of the monetary system as one of the necessary changes that must be made to deal with the ongoing environmental crisis.

With a foreword by Professor Herman Daly, who also wrote the foreword for Positive Money’s book Modernising Money, the book states that: “Globally, we are overusing the earth’s finite resources, and yet excessive consumption is failing to improve our lives. It’s time for a new kind of economy.” and lays out a visionary but realistic alternative to “the perpetual pursuit of economic growth—an economy where the goal is enough, not more”.

5) Fixing Our Broken Money System – New York, 12 May

This event organized by the American Monetary Institute will bring together true experts that have dedicated much of their lives to solving the problems that are inherent with the system we currently use. More info here

If you or someone you know will be in New York during the time of the event, stop by and take part in the discussion!

6) Upcoming Events

Philadelphia, USA, Wed 17 Apr – Fixing the Banking System for Good (Watch free online)

Brighton, Thu 18 Apr – Screening of “97% Owned” & Discussion

London, Mon 22 Apr – Modernising Money – Reading Group

Monmouth, Wed 24 Apr – Talk in the town: Positive Money

London, Fri 10 May – Transforming Finance Conference

New York, USA, Sun 12 May – Fixing our Broken Money System

West Yorkshire, Tue 21 May – Screening of “97% Owned” & Discussion

Hay on Wye, Sat 25 May – Modernising Money at HAY Festival Wales

London, Sun 26 May – “Sunday Papers Live” with Ben Dyson

6) Latest from the Blog

New Documentary: “Jekyll Island” (Video)

Could We Accelerate the Post Reform Transition?

Dirk Bezemer about Positive Money

The alleged deflationary effect of full reserve banking

News from Ireland – Sensible Money

Economics and the Powerful – INET Conference (Video)

The Future of Central Banking – INET Conference (Video)

QE – one step closer to monetary reform?

Adair Turner’s Keynote Speech at INET Conference (Video)


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