Conversation with US fractivist re using company contact information

Following my posting of the UK Oil & Gas companies contact details, I was contacted by US fractivist, Dory Hippauf, who is particularly interested in identifying and getting at the players behind the scenes in this industry. She founded the site FRACKorporation. Her spreadsheet is immense (see attached below)She says: “We are interested in corporate connections across ALL shale play. FRACKorporation’s purpose it to find, investigate and share information on corporations, politicians, front groups, Astroturf, lobbyists etc related to the practice of “fracking”. We seek to “connect the dots. Follow us on Twitter:

We had this Facebook conversation, which I would like to share with you:

The attached spreadsheet is my connect the dots raw data for marcellus shale players. Marcellus Gas Play Players.xls

Very impressive
2 questions:
1. How long has this taken to piece together
2. What has been the most profitable use you have found for this info?

1. I started working on it about 2 1/2 years ago, it will continue until it’s no longer needed
2. Most profitable? My blog posts and presentations are based on the data, and I share it with others.
Opens people’s eyes to how much money is being passed around and how incestual the relationships are between corporations, politicians and other organizations.
When organizing a protest – it’s helpful tool to know who’s who so the protest is targeted at the right person/corporation. No sense in staging a protest outside of Exxon-Mobil when you have the issue with Royal Dutch Shell – right?
The frackers know who we are, what organizations we belong to etc. So I thought turn about is fair play.

Fantastic – thanks for that. Very helpful.
Is there a big fractivist community where you are? (Which where exactly?)
And what about public awareness and perception over there. We are still struggling to wake people up over here.

I live in Pennsylvania, I am chair of the research committee for Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition (FB page –
Our Videos:
Natural gas is “cooked” in our area – meaning there is not enough gas to make it worthwhile to drill. However, we are central for the mid-stream infrastructure of compressor stations, dehydration plants, and main gas transmission lines – all of which is as hazardous (if not more) than a drill pad.
Public perception here is also a problem. Seems no one will get off their duff until there’s a natural gas blowout in their backyard.
We keep trying by being as active as we can in the community. We reach out to people who may have a problem with the gas industry, try to mobilize neighborhoods where infrastructure may be built, and we do presentations, bring in speakers and anything else we can think of to raise awareness and get people involved.

I too am involved with a wide range of anti-fracking groups. With a Geography/Geology background I hope to help with understanding the technicalities of fracking and also the vagaries of the UK planning system. Our story is diarised in reverse chronological order via my local Green Party blog:
It has been great to make this contact with you. It serves to underline the the near global nature of this menace

Great to meet you too !

Link to my blog posts
Dory Hippauf | No Fracking Way

Copy of Marcellus Gas Play Players.xls

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