Contact details of UK oil/gas companies – frackers and potential frackers

Big thanks to Gary Lewis, who came across this on the DECC website.

(Full Excel spreadsheet attached – see end of posting).

It is a list of the contact details of what appears to be just about all of the UK based PEDL holders –

frackers and potential frackers – and a few other potential players.I am sure you will all be able to

recognise a few names on this list.
FYI re Coastal Oil and Gas/UK Methane, the listed name, Oliver Taylor, is their in-house geologist.

Gerwyn Williams is the aging managing director looking for the quick speculative gain to fund his retirement.

I recommend that you register for a free account with and check out the

companies you are interested in.
You will probably be surprised/shocked at what little tin-pot companies most of these are.

If you struggle with this, let me know which company and I’ll get you a summary.

What to do with this contact information? Suggestions welcome – use your imaginations!

Company Contact Name Address Email
Alkane Energy UK Limited David Oldham Edwinstowe House High Street Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire NG21 9PR
Aspirant Energy Limited Stephen Holmes Sanibel Marley Common Hazelmere, Surrey GU27 3PU
Blackland Park Exploration Limited Rupert Lucett Green Whisby ‘A’ Site, Eagle Moor Lincoln LN6 9DP
Celtique Energie Petroleum Ltd Geoff Davies 55 Bryanston Street London W1H 7AJ
Centrica Resources Limited Jeremy Lockett Millstream, Maidenhead Road Windsor, Berkshire SL4 5GD
Coastal Oil and Gas Limited Oliver Taylor Unit C, Kenfig Industrial Estate Margam, Port Talbot SA13 2PE
Composite Energy Limited Tim Trafford Laurel House Laurelhill Business Park, Polmaise Road Stirling FK7 9JQ
Cuadrilla Resources Ltd Peter Turner Stowegate House Lombard Street Lichfield, Staffs WS13 6DP
EDP Onshore Limited Ian Roche Westfield Estate Milltimber AB13 0EX
Egdon Resources Plc Mark Abbott Suite 2 90-96 High Street Odiham RG29 1LP
EnCore Petroleum Ltd Graham Dore 62-64 Baker Street London W1U 7DF
Europa Oil & Gas Limited Paul Barrett Les Gravanels Gaillac F-81600 France
Fox Energy Exploration Ltd Richard Moore 64 Knightsbridge London SW1X7JF
Greenpark Energy Limited David Leigh Alexander House Mansfield Road Corbriggs, Chesterfield SJ41 0JW
Hurricane Exploration plc Claire Slightam 82, Anstey Road Alton, Hampshire GU34 1RG
Low New Biggin Oil Ltd Michael Gross 6000 Bilton Lane Halifax NS B3H 4M3 Canada
Magellan Petroleum (N.T.) Pty Ltd Gwynn Davies 10th Floor 145 Eagle Street, Brisbane Queensland 4000 Australia
Marathon Petroleum West of Shetland Limited Alistair McIntyre Marathon House, Rubislaw Hill Anderson Drive Aberdeen AB15 6FZ
Midmar Energy Onshore Ltd S Rooksby 6 Dean Park Crescent Bournemouth, Dorset BH1 1HL
MPX (Oil & Gas) Limited Doug Fenwick Ground Floor, 1 Bell Court Leapale Lane Guilford, Surrey GU1 4LY
Mustang Oil Limited Iain MacLachlan Balnieden Drummond Terrace Crieff, Perthshire PH7 4AF
Newton Energy UK Ltd Constance Uzwyshyn 26 Beaconsfield Road St Albans AL1 3RB
Nexen Exploration UK Limited David Chang Kit Charter Place Vine Street Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 1JG
Northern Petroleum (GB) Limited Graham Heard Martin House 5 Martin Lane London EC4R 0DP
NWE Southern Cross UK Pty Ltd John Michaels Suite 11, 22 Eden Street Kingston, Surrey KT1 1DN
Oilquest Limited Thomas Mackay Springbank, Fairmile Stoke Prior, Leominster HR6 0SA
Providence Resources (GB) Limited Tony Odone Airfield House Donneybrook, Dublin 4 Ireland
Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited John Hodgins 1520, 840 -7th Ave. SW Calgary, Alberta T2P 3G2 Canada
Reach Oil & Gas Limited Miles Newman Banchory Business Centre Banchory AB31 5ZU
Reservoir Resources Limited Ivor Fitzpatrick 44/45 St Stephens Green Dublin 2 Ireland
Sonorex Oil & Gas Limited David Barker The Stables, Hammerdown Farm Bath Road, Old Sodbury South Gloucestershire BS37 6RR
Star Energy Weald Basin Limited John Elder Humbly Grove Oilfield, Weston Common The Avenue Lasham, Hampshire GU34 5SY
UK Methane Limited Oliver Taylor Unit C Kenfig Industrial Estate, Margam Port Talbot SA13 2PR
Valhalla Oil and Gas AS Mike Johnson Church Gate 9-11 Church Street West Woking, Surrey GU21 6DJ
Viking UK Gas Ltd Tony Lobban Knapton Generating Station East Knapton Malton, North Yorkshire Yo17 8JF
Weald Petroleum Development Limited Glyn Roberts Wembley Point, 2nd floor, Sharma Suite 1 Harrow Road Wembly, Middlesex HA9 6DE

Copy of Copy of contactsreport.xls

6 thoughts on “Contact details of UK oil/gas companies – frackers and potential frackers

  1. Ems

    0 dear souls please realise that the process fracking delivers is repugnant and degrading to the earth and all us inhabitants
    You are part of a unique eco system that requires love and respect of all it’s nature to continue to give life and health to all – universally
    In doing this act of violation you are endangering the fabric of life and holding our progression toward wholeness back
    Please look into your hearts and see the crime you would be committing if you let this awful evil to be
    We have striven to become a united population for many lifetimes and you are actively trying to destroy life with this unnecessary act of violence against nature
    Try not to be afraid of the truth even when the pressure from monetary forces appears to ‘bind’ you to this darkness – look at how the water is ruined everywhere this has been happening so far – water is life …
    We are at a point of change now and your decision to say no to such a violation will be inaugural in our progression – you have free will and can choose to live with light
    There are many other ways to create the power you desire which are not harmful to life and do not bring the pressure of monetary dependence or gain
    I give you my honest and heartfelt love to empower you to follow love also – for life is better whole
    Warm regards and blessings for a frack-free future


    1. Ems

      A letter for all the companies listed – any chance you have their email addresses as it will be expensive to post to all !!! – I give consent for others to use it if they wish …


  2. Colin

    This looks like a pretty tin pot website to me. Ah, the UK. As you continue your descent into irrelevance why not say no to another economic opportunity. Pretty soon you will be the world’s largest garden, full of nasty toothed British elves twidlling their thumbs!



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