BREAKING NEWS! (from Denis Campbell)

Our American friend in the Vale, Denis Campbell (Publisher & Editor-in-Chief UK Progressive magazine, and US media watcher), supporter of the Vales Says NO! campaign, has alerted us to this fracking related development in the States.

That it has taken this long for American mainstream news channels to catch up with the story is a bit of a shock – but better late than never! Thanks for the heads up Denis.

He writes:

Hey folks!

Mainstream news provider NBC News Today Show -Rossen Reports – this morning showed this explosive story on water set ablaze (like in Gasland).

This is HUGE! A mainstream news organisation running this story in the USA with an audience in the millions is a big break for the movement.

Go to iTunes until Sunday night and download the 11 January episode of NBC TODAY show (video) to save forever to your iPhone or iPad. Dont have one? No problem, go to this website to see the story.

Very important that such a mainstream group has this story.

Please spread this.

Denis Campbell

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