No Gas Fracking in Wales 1st Meeting Frances Twms Jenkins and Bronwen Little Eris Davies

  • NOWO’Neills , St Mary Street, Cardiff CF10 1DW   Tel:029 2066 4103
A meeting to discuss the recent developments in the Fracking situation in Wales, most notably the test drilling in Swansea and Maesteg and the prospective licences in Pontypridd and surrounding area.Hydraulic fracturing is the propagation of fractures in a rock layer, by a pressurized fluid. However, the process is argued to cause serious cause damage to the local environment and economy.Including:The contamination of ground water which threatens our arable land.The migration of gases and hydraulic fracturing chemicals to the surface.Surface contamination from spills (on the roads, at sea etc.)Risks to air quality from burning a fossil fuel and the impact on our carbon output

The health effects of the above factors to humans

Structural damage to buildings in close proximity to the drill site

It is speculated that hydraulic fracturing can trigger earthquakes

The impact on our green economy

The selling of our natural assets to off shore companies

If you are unsure about what Fracking is may I direct you to the following award-winning documentary by Josh Fox “Gasland” and “the Sky Is Pink”.

It is banned in France and Bulgaria so basically we don’t want any transnational companies coming to Wales, taking the gas, polluting our country and then making massive profits for their offshore bank accounts.

Speakers so far:

Andy Chyba – Bridgend Green Party

Representative from Frack Off – tbc

Refreshments by Food Not Bombs

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