Do Not Underestimate the Global Anti-Fracking Movement

Global Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing A new note from the cause

Global Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing

Do Not Underestimate the Global Anti-Fracking Movement

Posted by Luke Ashley (cause founder)

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The bitter battle over fracking has gone global, and according to pro-business consultants, the oil and gas industry has every reason to be concerned.

Oil and gas rigs are popping up in communities across the world as the fossil fuels industry races to exploit reserves with the controversial drilling technique known as fracking. In response, a global anti-fracking movement has emerged, and activists are winning victories in countries across world.

A report recently released by the international consulting group Control Risks warns the oil and gas industry that it has underestimated the “sophistication, reach and influence” of the global anti-fracking movement. The report contends the opposition is not simply a spotty, not-in-my-backyard phenomenon “masquerading as environmentalism,” but a diverse and well-organized coalition that is unlikely to be swayed by the industry’s well-funded public relation campaigns.

Fracking Unites Activists and Communities

The global anti-fracking movement may be grassroots in nature, but communities and activists across the world share the same concerns about the “significant” impacts of fracking

Source. 0jO.jpg

United we stand, Divided we fall. Together with international unity and resolve, we can meet the challenge of this global scourge and work to bring about an international law of zero tolerance for the fracking industry.

No-one gets an iron-clad guarantee of success. Certainly, factors like opportunity, luck and timing are important. But the backbone of success is usually found in old-fashioned, basic concepts like hard work, determination, good planning and perseverance.

Thank you to ALL Global Fracking Ban members for all your hard work, determination and especially, perseverance throughout 2012.

May 2013 bring us the results we expect for the benefit of future generations.

Want to get involved? See this note on Causes

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