Greens celebrate some stunning wins across UK.

The Green Party is celebrating some excellent results in parts of the UK including West Midlands and West Yorkshire. All seats were held in Norwich with an increased vote in all.





NET +3


Con 5

Lab 2

LD 1

This positive set of results for the Greens is a clear sign that our party is growing in confidence and steadily building support. Weve made some superb gains in the West Midlands and Yorkshire, as well as holding firm in key battlegrounds such as Norwich, where the Greens remain the official Council opposition. I want to congratulate all of our candidates up and down the country on their hard work, great ideas and strong commitment in this elections campaign, and to thank all of those who voted for a greener, fairer future at the ballot box. Caroline Lucas, Green Party Leader and MP.

“All across Britain people felt that the gap between the rich and the poor was too scandalous to ignore and the drastic cuts to the benefit system coupled with the rising threat of NHS privatisation helped people to realise that this government is fundamentally uninterested in protecting the well-being of its citizens.”

“People have grown tired of the lack of difference between the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats and have voted accordingly. The Green Party’s vision is of a fair society which values social justice as well as environmental well-being. We take their trust very seriously and will continue to work on councils across the country and nationally to promote Green Party policies and create a fairer society.”

The Scottish Green Party also celebrate having 6 new councillors taking the total up to 14.

“This demonstrates that we are the third party and the only alternative to Labour and SNP.” Patrick Harvie MSP

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