Why local food initiatives are important

The part of our mini-manifesto on local food initiatives has drawn a few comments from a few people suggesting it is trivial and unimportant in the grand scheme of things.
Let me try and explain why this is a serious misconception.

This video explains many of the aspects of the issue in the context of real people and real communities.
Nothing in this video cannot be replicated in Bridgend.

Some people may say that this is all well and good but that often this local food costs more than the stuff in the supermarket and times are hard financially. Well, try growing your own. This video shows one womans experiment to see how much food she could grow from her own garden. She has bees, chickens and rainwater harvesting its an inspiring video take half an hour to watch, or at least listen, to one persons view on sustainability and resilience and the fun she has.

As Judy points out, although you do not need much money, you will need time, energy and a little know how.
This is why we will instigate garden buddy schemes where volunteers, with the time and the energy, maintain gardens for the elderly, sick or disabled –
Especially those with gardening knowledge and garden space – with both parties sharing the produce.
Everyone is a winner. (See an example of it in practice: http://www.vcnw.org.uk/pages/index.htm )

And all this is not to ignore the big picture:

A skyrocketing demand for food means that agriculture has become the largest driver of climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental destruction.
This TED talk shows why we desperately need the begin “terraculture” — farming for the whole planet.

Thank you.

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