Industries of the future

Our mini manifesto has prompted questions as to what we see as the industries of the future that we should be luring to Bridgend; how about these:Nano-technology to generate power from every window pane:

Large scale battery technology to allow us to store wind and solar energy and allow us to match

supply and demand effectively:

Water desalination using no fuel at all that will solve water shortages:

These are all cutting edge and very ambitious. But can’t we be ambitious? These innovations may have already stolen a march, but we are uniquely positioned to be a world leader in tidal technologies, for example. Where is the encouragement for this locally? Tidal Energy Ltd is a Welsh company attempting to lead the way in tidal stream technology. They have their Head Office in Cardiff and have received some assistance from Welsh Government. We need to do everything possible to ensure they see Bridgend as the best place for future development, engineering, manufacturing and servicing of this potentially huge industry.

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