BBC coverage:

South Wales media coverage:

(Should be in South Wales Echo and/or Western Mail tomorrow – 03/11/11)

QUOTE: (I received a call from the SWE journalist this morning asking for my reaction to the BBC story. I have been slightly misquoted, but not to a point of making an issue out of it)

Andy Chyba from the Bridgend Greens campaign group said the report demonstrated why fracking should never be seen in Wales.

He said: “Geologically South Wales is even more complex than the area near Blackpool where the tremors occurred and the chances of earthquakes due to fracking would be higher, certainly in terms of frequency and possibly severity.

“With fracking you wont ever know what effect you are going to have on the environment until you do it.

“There has to be a moratorium now. There are just too many unanswered questions.”

Louise Evans, from campaign group Vale Says No which has fought drilling applications in the Vale of Glamorgan, said: “It is more proof that this is something to be strongly discouraged in Wales.

“We are continuing to call and lobby for a moratorium on the process and arguing that everyone needs to take a step back and carry out the necessary studies about the impact of fracking.

“Today’s report says earthquakes like this are unlikely to happen again but that does not fill me with any confidence at all. If the geological conditions meant the area was vulnerable to earthquakes then why were they drilling there in the first place? If you have to drill first to find out then that is not going to give people confidence.”

Cuadrilla’s press release today regarding the Earthquake report: “This combination of geological factors was extremely rare and would be unlikely to occur together again at future well site“.

Is this supposed to re-assure anybody? This is tantamount to saying ‘this fingerprint is extremely rare and unlikely to occur on someone else’s hand’. It does not mean there is only one ‘thief’ about and will not be any more robberies!


Again hot off the press:

The Vale of Glamorgan Council Cabinet have just voted in favour of formerly requesting a moratorium on shale gas drilling from the Welsh Assembly!
Gordon Kemp, Council Leader, said ‘we need more guidance’

This is the sane response from decision makers who have taken the trouble to examine the evidence and know that they do not have the necessary answers and/or expertise to understand the answers. Bravo, Cllr Kemp!!

Will Carwyn Jones finally engage with this issue and make a sane response too?

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