Power for the People – FREE PV solar panels and a community funding stream!!

I have joined a steering committee for a fabulous new initiative focussed on Bridgend County, that promises immense benefits towards both our environmental and social goals.

Power for the People supports the introduction to households of free PV solar panels and offers a funding stream to charities/social enterprises.

Climate change threatens the basic elements of life and the people most affected will be those that are already the most vulnerable around the world. Average global temperature could increase by 4 degrees Celsius in the next eighty years. Energy and electricity prices are also set to increase dramatically. As such this is as much a social issue as an environmental one.

Our friends at Sustainable Wales have taken the initiative and are currently working alongside a new consortium, called ‘G- Cell’, of social enterprises across S Wales whom are expecting to offer households in their boroughs free pv solar panels and up to £150 free electricity annually. Our ambition for phase one is to help 5000 south-facing low-income households install maintenance-free, pv solar panels.

We are working one strategies to get as many people signed up as possible before the end of March 2012, as the generous Feed-In Tariffs are only going to be available until then. The next steering meeting is on the 28th July.

I will give more details at the Bridgend Green Meeting next week. Or email me or phone me on 078 1066 3241.


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