Threat to Bettws Surgery – Public Meeting

It was good to see a good Green Party presence at the meeting – but as it was called and organised by Gareth’s mum, we had to turn up!! Well done Kay!!

It was a pretty well attended meeting overall. It was chaired by a Community Councillor (who seemed think this was about the extent of his commitment to the cause) but featured Janice Gregory AM, who is clearly on the case and doing the right things, and Dr Porter from the sugery, who was very articulate and impressive.

The points in my open letter were repeatedly stressed by the majority of contributors. The absurdity of the Rural classification by the ABM Health Board is clear to all and there is considerable hope that this will be duly overturned.

We will do our bit in encouraging the letter-writing approach that was generally acknowledged as the best strategy at the moment.

My Open letter has had responses from ABM Health Bridgend Director, Matthew Bunce, and the Welsh Assembly Civil Servant handling the issue, Mark Welsby. They both stress that no decisions have been made, and I get the distinct feeling that the great and fast groundswell of opinion against these proposals will win the day.

You can help by writing too:
Write to Mark Welsby, Dept of Health & Social Services,

Welsh Assembly Government, Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NQ

Or email him:

TELL HIM: Why Bettws is a Rural village and not an UrbAn town –

What it would mean to you to lose your doctor’s surgery.

Singularly less impressive was the absence of any other elected representative. Bettws Cllr. Michaelides could not tear himself away from his Mayoral duties, which got the appropriate groans that acknowledged no surprise there! But credit where it is due, Janice Gregory was the most important person to be present and she clearly knows the community well and is fighting their corner. She generally impresses me whenever our paths cross. She might even be the last Socialist in the Labour Party!

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