This website has been selected for the UK Web Archive

The National Library of Wales would like to invite you to participate in the UK Web Archive by archiving your web site ( The UK Web Archive is a partnership between the National Library of Wales, the British Library, JISC, and the Wellcome Library, to preserve websites for future users. We have identified this web site as an important part of Wales’ documentary heritage and would like it to remain available to researchers in the future. The archived copy of your web site will form part of our permanent collections.

There are some benefits to you in having your site archived by the UK Web Archive; We will not only take the necessary preservation action to keep your publication accessible as hardware and software changes over time but will also catalogue your publication through the websites of both the National Library of Wales ( and the UK Web Archive (, thereby increasing awareness of your publication among researchers.
Selected websites are considered to be of long term research value, either in themselves or as part of a Special Collection of themed materials. Typically, archived websites publish research, reflect the diversity of lives, interests and activities throughout the UK, or demonstrate web innovation. They are chosen to represent a range of social, political, cultural, religious, scientific or economic activities.

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