Andy Chyba appointed Green Party (GPEW) Policy Expert on Energy & Fracking

From: Sam Subject: Your Green Party Policy Expert applicationDate: 6 November 2014

Dear Andy,

Many thanks for your application and assessment task for the role of policy expert. I’m really sorry that this whole process has taken so long, but I’m pleased to tell you that your application has been successful, and we are keen to put you to work to advise us in the field of energy and fracking.

I’m going to pass your email address to Brian, who is leading work on our GE manifesto, and he will be in touch with you in relation to elements of the draft manifesto which we would like you to comment on. You may also hear from Tom in relation to other policy work which is underway or coming up.

If you have any queries in the meantime please do let me know.

Kind regards,


From: sam To: andy Subject: RE: Spokesperson/Accredited expert Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2014 15:58:28

Thank you for your enquiry about the role of policy spokesperson and/or policy expert. We have received a large volume of responses to the callout and it will take us some time to work through them all

> From: andy Subject: Spokesperson/Accredited expert Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2014 23:30:15 +0100

> Hi Sam,

> My main areas of expertise are ENERGY and WALES.

> I founded my Local Party in Bridgend win September 2010 and have been elected Chair/Spokesperson every year since. It is arguably the most vibrant local Party in Wales at present.

> I am also the Green Left regional contact person for Wales, and spent a short period as a member of the Green World Editorial Board.

> I was elected lead candidate for the Euro Elections in Wales and will be standing for the leadership of Wales Green Party in the Autumn. I will probably be a candidate at the General Election next year.

> With regards to Energy – I was a geography/geology teacher for 20 years and have spent the last 4 years as one of the countries leading ‘fractivists’. I represented the Vales Says No! local campaign group at the first (and, possibly still, only) Public Inquiry on a freaking related planning application. I have been interviewed many times by Welsh media, Russia Today, Worldview and Al Jazeera.







> As well as being a prominent anti-fracker, I am also well versed as a pro-renewables advocate.

> Regards,

> Andy Chyba

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