Fair Trade Wine & Cheese Evening – plus a lot more

The Bridgend Fairtrade Partnership invites you to celebrate Bridgend Countys renewal of Fairtrade status, with a wine and cheese evening, at Pyle Co-op, on Oct. 19th (7-9.30pm).

An assortment of the Co-ops finest Fairtrade wine and cheese are available to titillate your taste buds. Hopefully this will be an inspiration for the Fairtrade quiz which will follow with great prizes for the winners. Even the deputy mayor is getting in on the act: accepting the Fairtrade renewal certificate on behalf of Bridgend County.

Entry to the event will be £4, with all monies going to local charity Sustainable Wales.

The event will inform as well as entertain; with community project, Valley and Vale (V&V) giving a presentation on their ground-breaking project with the Ethiopian NGO, the Gemini Trust.

The Gemini Trust, based in the Addis Ababa slums, aims to help the families of twins. V&V have been working with them: visiting Ethiopia and utilising Skype to foster social, artistic and trading links between Addis Ababa and Bridgend County.

Dont miss the opportunity to be among the first in Wales to see the unique arts and crafts that are helping lift Addis Ababas slum dwellers out of poverty.

3 thoughts on “Fair Trade Wine & Cheese Evening – plus a lot more

  1. Dorothy

    Sorry Andy, I thought you were going to this event with Natalie BENNETT, as she is in Cardiff on Monday…didn’t mean to barge in to your “date night.” Teach me to read all the small print!


    1. swanseaandllanelligreenparty Post author

      Hi Dorothy,

      Sorry I took so long to catch up your mressages. It was a very nice event. We felt a bit guilty actually because we came a way with three bottles of fair trade wine through coming second in the quiz and the raffle. We probably almost broke even! Not that charitable of us really!

      Good networking though!




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