Some responses to George Osborne’s thoroughly depressing conference speech – ESP re fracking

Good response from Head Office to Osborne’s depressing conference speech:

The last point (no. 8) makes especially depressing reading for the Fractivist community.

Fellow fractivist, Vanessa Vine, points out:
“How blatant does it get?! Are we going to let them get away with this?!!! The Treasury is not even TRYING to hide endemic industry/government backhander-culture or their utter collective disregard of public opinion with this statement:

‘The consultation on shale gas will not be a formal one, but rather an “engagement with industry” [..] The government will engage with companies to ensure that the final structure of the regime is appropriately targeted while maintaining a fair return for the exchequer.’

Craig Bennett, Friends of the Earth:
“The chancellor clearly isn’t listening to the increasingly vociferous warnings from leading politicians, businesses and climate experts about his reckless dash for gas. With a fossil-fuelled economic strategy firmly rooted in the 1970s, George Osborne is looking increasingly incapable of dealing with the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.”

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