Spineless Madeleine Moon succumbs and votes for another futile war

Here we go again. We never seem to learn.

I thought our Labour MP, Madeleine Moon, was asking most of the right questions on Thursday. She posted this on Facebook:
As we move towards tomorrow’s debate I remain very worried about air strikes leading to mission creep.
Questions I feel need answering include;
What role will the Gulf states play militarily?
What role will the Sunni tribes play in attacking IS?
What role will the Sunni and Kurds play in a future Iraqi state?
What role will Russia and Iran play in this conflict?
How can we be confident that Iraq will not end up like Libya where a humanitarian mission led to regime change and a failing/ failed state?
Is the Iraqi army capable of following through on the ground after air strikes?
Is it just coincidence that we are having this vote the day before the Conservative conference? And so on.

There were no answers given to any of these questions, but unlike the her colleagues with the courage of their convictions (listed below), she crumbled and vote in favour of war and the death of civilians and the further radicalisation of young Muslims.
Utterly spineless!!

The action is estimated to have a likely financial cost of £3 billion – great investment for the Tories chums in the arms trade.
Isn’t it amazing how readily available such cash is for slaughtering people. Imagine what the NHS could do with it or consider this….

You can pass judgement yourselves at the ballot box next year – and that will include judgement on you Madeleine Moon!!
We’ll see you at the hustings!

Roll of Honour: Heres a full list of the 43 MPs who voted against military action in Iraq.


Caroline Lucas

Labour (24)

Diane Abbott
Graham Allen
Anne Begg
Ronnie Campbell
Martin Caton
Katy Clark
Ian Davidson
Paul Flynn
Stephen Hepburn
Kate Hoey
Kelvin Hopkins
Sian James
Mark Lazraowicz
John McDonnell
Iain McKenzie
Austin Mitchell
Grahame Morris
George Mudie
Linda Riordan
Barry Sheerman
Dennis Skinner
Graham Stringer
Mike Wood

Jeremy Corbyn (Teller)

Conservatives (6)

Richard Bacon
John Baron
Gordon Henderson
Adam Holloway
Nigel Mills
Mark Reckless

Lib Dems (1)

Julian Huppert

SDLP (3)

Mark Durkan
Alasdair McDonnell
Margaret Ritchie

Plaid Cymru (2)

Jonathan Edwards
Hywel Williams

Respect (1)

George Gallway

SNP (5 and teller)

Stewart Hosie
Angus Roberton
Mike Weir
Eilidh Whiteford
Angus Brendan McNeill

Mike Wishart (Teller)

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