Energiewende: could it work in Wales?

Opportunity for Wales to develop its own transformation in community-owned energy:

Energiewende: could it work in Wales?
2nd of July 2014

at the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.
We hope to bring together a range of views on the inspiration offered by the German Energiewende and the opportunity for Wales to develop its own transformation in community-owned energy.


Alan Simpson will deliver a keynote speech on the German experience and its relevance to Wales, alongside Alun Davies AM (tbc), Minister for Natural Resources in Wales.

Practitioners, financers and politicians will discuss the issues in a panel debate chaired by Rita Singh, Cynnal Cymru, with questions to follow.

Energy and ownership

A session on energy and ownership will follow this keynote. To secure a renewable future for Wales will require a much broader range of ownership models – the transition to a renewable and decentralised energy system will be delivered in many different ways.

Planning for community energy

Getting projects approved is key to the scale of the transformation that would see so many more people owning locally generated energy. Planners, councillors and researchers will discuss the issues in a panel debate, chaired by WLGA with questions to follow.

Connecting community energy

How should the grid work in Wales? Is it possible for the grid to become a not for dividend model, focussed on reducing demand and structured around a decentralised energy system? Issues of supply and storage also discussed. Panel presentations chaired by the Alun Ffred Jones AM (tbc), with questions to follow.

Question time

Ownership and the energy transition to renewables is a key issue for Wales. In Germany and Denmark there is political consensus about the destination – the only discussion is about how to get there. Politicians and the audience to discuss the issues with Alan Simpson.


The meeting will begin at 10am in Chapter. Tea and coffee will be provided during breaks, but own arrangements will need to be made for lunch – the Café in Chapter serves food, with vegetarian and vegan options available.


Please email or call Gareth Sims at gareth.sims / 078822 18732 to reserve your place.

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