People’s Assembly – RCT/Bridgend demo & next meeting 11 June

Dear All

Just a quick update.

21 June national demonstration:

We are now going to run a coach from Aberdare – Pontypridd – London. We will be looking for trade unions to help out a bit with some donations and will charge those who can afford it £10. The full details will be available by Monday. We would like to thank Tower Colliery for their £100 donation which has enabled us to book a coach.

We have 500 leaflets supporting the demonstration and if you wish to help distribute them, please let me know.

Our next People’s Assembly RCT/Bridgend meeting will be in the Unison offices Wednesday 11 June at 19.30. Obviously the demonstration will be most important but local campaigns such as the ongoing cuts in RCT and Bridgend will be on the agenda. I will be sending out a full invitation to the meeting next week so please let me know what you wish to have added.

All the best

Len Arthur – convenor

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