“We Need to Talk About Fracking” Tour

This high profile event hits 5 UK cities:

  • Glasgow – June 9th
  • Nottingham – June 10th
  • Manchester – June 11th
  • Swansea – June 12th
  • London – June 16th

The event website should be up and running from tomorrow morning (Sunday 25th).


I am helping promote the Swansea event, but if you need info on the other events, let me know and I’ll give you contact details.

I have taken delivery of 1000 A5 size leaflets and 100 A2 posters advertising the event (see below). I need help distributing these around South Wales, and especially the Swansea area.

The tour visits Swansea, for one night only, on Thursday 12th June, at the George Hall (attached to Brangwyn Hall)


The event is backed by some interesting people, including Russell Brand, prominent US activist Elizabeth Arnold (http://loudfastphilly.com/interviews/elizabeth-arnold), some prominent academics such as Professor Smythe (http://www.davidsmythe.org), Reclaim the Power and ‘Agent Provocateur’, Joe Corre (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Corré), who appears to have supplied all the posters/leaflets.

So this is a call out to anyone who can help get the posters/leaflets out. An appeal from the organisers:

“We need the posters and flyers to hit areas where people are undecided or pro fracking, more than we need to hit the usual suspects. We want to be able to show that we have allocated tickets to create a balanced audience. It’s the women’s institutes, the fire stations, the golf clubs, the posh restaurants, theatres etc that will really help. And the posters look good and the flyers are good quality and the venues are prestigious.”

Contact me to arrange delivery of your posters/leaflets. I will try to deliver to anywhere in South Wales within the next 7 days.
Only ask for numbers you are prepared to commit to distributing.

Email me at: andy.chyba or phone/text me on 078 1066 3241

fracking poster a4 with 3mm bleed.pdf   (CLICK TO SEE POSTER)

6 thoughts on ““We Need to Talk About Fracking” Tour

  1. karen o'brien

    Hi I’m in full support of this we’ve got to end this before its too late. I’m in kent and saw they are now eying up the commodity that lies beneath. Could you let me know if you’re going to come to Canterbury I think ppl need to be as informed as possible. Good luck with the tour. Namasté x



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