Resignation of membership by John Evans

John has asked me specifically to post this. It with some regret that I do so, but I understand his sentiments, and this is a forum for open-ness and honesty if it is nothing else.

He will be sorely missed by the local party, and he held the post of Wales ERO with distinction.

We will remain good friends and who knows where the future will lead us.


Dorothy Wilson, Membership Secretary, Wales Green Party.

It is with great regret, that I find myself in the position of having to resign my membership of the Green Party.

I have thought long and hard about this over the last three months.

There are many different reasons that, as a whole have brought me to this decision. More recently, there are two straws that broke the camels back, as such.

Straw 1.

Is, Wales Green Parties stance on the legalisation of cannabis and especially WGP Spokesperson, Pippa Bartolotti’s remarks regarding this on WGP website.

To be clear, I don’t oppose the development and use of cannabis in a medical context. Indeed, I know people who suffer crippling medical conditions who get respite from their condition and are able to carry on a near normal and fulfilling life, due to the use of cannabis. These are people who have had no success relieving/controlling their condition with prescription drugs. I feel strongly that people in this position should not be criminalised for cannabis use.

For Pippa Bartolotti, in her capacity as party Spokesperson, to state, “Cannabis has wrongly been labelled a gateway drug. It is not. It is the criminalisation of it which is the gateway to harder drugs” is extremely naive.
To state “No one has yet died from cannabis” I ask her to explain that to the families of those that have died from “hard” drugs. In the majority of cases these families will tell you that their loved ones started their drug taking with cannabis and progressed onto the hard drugs that eventually killed them.
I ask Pippa Bartolotti, to explain to me, how a friend of mine who had used no other drug than cannabis, suffered extreme paranoia from using cannabis and took their own life.

I would say to Pippa Bartolotti that for every one person that dies via drug use, there are a large number of victims of drug use left behind. The family and loved ones of the person who has died.

In her statement on WGP website, the Spokesperson for WGP, appears to think that a major benefit to society of legalising cannabis consumption would be taxation. This taxation would not come close to covering the cost to the NHS, of treating the victims of cannabis use, who suffer from paranoia and anxiety as well as a multitude of other mental health disorders, brought on by the use of modern (stronger) strains of cannabis, that are commonly available now. Are in fact the norm. If anybody thinks there is a benefit to society from cannabis in any form is mistaken. The only benefit would be drug companies developing prescription drugs for specific medical conditions and these being only available on prescription from a doctor.

As for drug dealers at the school gates. I hope WGP Spokesperson, Pippa Bartolotti doesn’t think that they are any different from drug dealers anywhere else. Wherever they deal they will have customers of all age groups.
Does she honestly believe that by legalising cannabis it will put these drug dealers out of business. That they will not carry on as before. Believe me, they don’t only sell cannabis but a whole cocktail of drugs.

I cannot believe the naivety of people who think legalising cannabis and allowing it’s sale via licensed outlets would stop the sale by unlicensed (criminal) dealers. The product from unlicensed dealers would be cheaper and stronger than from the controlled licensed outlets.
Just look what the ever increasing taxation of tobacco products has done. Created an ever growing black market.

This is not just me spouting unsubstantiated views. I have witnessed first hand the horrific effects illegal drugs have had on people around me. People very close to me. Everyone of whom started their drug use with cannabis. Legalising cannabis will not bring about the change WGP or Pippa Bartolotti think it will.

If there is anybody out there who is under the misapprehension that cannabis is not addictive. This may have been the case up to about 20 years ago, but the strains that are grown now are addictive and can be highly addictive.

Straw 2.

In an interview given to journalist Graham Henry, Sennedd Corespondent, Wales online. WGP Spokesperson, Pippa Bartolotti, labels a whole generation of our population as racist.

How ignorant.

I am absolutely horrified that the leader of the political party I am a member of could say such a thing.
Does she think that by alienating a whole generation of voters, who in her own words “this is the generation that gets out and votes” will help the party in it’s European campaign or any other campaign.

I believe, that telling a journalist, that a whole generation of the population of this country is racist, has done far more harm to the Green Party, than anything members, who, in my time as a party member have said or done, that has led to their expulsion or suspension.

Where are these members who call for expulsion or suspension now. Strangely quiet it seems.

I challenge you to stand up and be counted.

In conclusion.
In conscience, I cannot be a member of a political party that advocates the legalisation of cannabis, or, whose Spokesperson believes a whole generation of our population to be racist.

John A. Evans

3 thoughts on “Resignation of membership by John Evans

  1. Bluebell Eikonoklastes

    So Long John.

    Personally I have no problem being a member of a Party that advocates medicalisation of addiction, harm reduction and regulation of recreational drug use. But then I am for sensible drug policy.

    However you wrap it up John, Prohibition is immoral, ineffective and all the more immoral because it cannot be got to work.

    It is peculiar that Wales Green Party has a ‘leader’ when another National Green Party has Convenors as do the other regional parties…. and with a seat on GPEX….


  2. Ann Were

    Straw 1
    The de-criminalisation of cannabis has been party policy for many years – decades, probably. It is unfair to criticise Pippa for doing what she was elected to do – to promote party policy.

    Straw 2
    People really shouldn’t believe everything they read in the papers. The partial quote (notice the dots at the end) was from an interview which lasted for nearly an hour and a half and doesn’t accurately reflect the discussion which took place.
    I’m really surprised that John didn’t speak to Pippa before making this statement.

    the Green Party has had a Leader since 2010. The Wales Leader has had a seat on GPEx for the last three or four years following a vote at a party conference. Sorry, I can’t remember exactly which one but it was when Jake Griffiths was our Leader.



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