A freaking terrible idea – a brilliant short animation by Amy Cox


Published on 16 May 2014
My final animation for my Level 5 Convergence / Divergence unit at the Arts University Bournemouth.
I made a short animation to highlight just a handful of the negative effects that fracking will have on the UK. I was advised to cover only a few of the impacts as opposed to as many as possible. I covered both environmental and economical issues. Personally, I find the environmental effects scarier, but I want to aim my animation at a broad range of the general public and differences in opinion might mean that some are more concerned about the state of the economy.

The intention of my animation is to leave viewers feeling inspired to make a positive change; perhaps to participate in peaceful activism against fracking. I also wanted to inform and educate people about exactly what fracking is – many of my peers, upon hearing the theme of my animation, asked me ‘What is fracking?’ hence the first blue-prints scene.

I used Adobe Photoshop to illustrate the scenes, then imported the layers in to Adobe Flash where I created multiple motion, alpha and brightness tweens. I had to export from Flash in 15 second chunks, meaning the relocation of keyframes every 360 frames on each of my approximately 400 layers. I then imported these in to Adobe After Effects, to stitch together, then exported in to Audition to add the sounds that I had downloaded from freesound.com to add the effects. Then I recorded my voice over and my friend Laura on her ukulele, and combined everything together. I exported from Audition, and imported the audio and visual files in to Premier Pro and exported the whole media all together.

This was done entirely off my own back – so I do apologise if I have misrepresented any information here.


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