MEP voting records on Fracking issues and trying to make sense of the EU polls.

Source: FoE Europe

The only other UK MEPs with a 100/100 track record on fracking are:

Of course, this is 100% of the UK’s Green MEP’s , but only 1 out 13 Labour MEPs.

Opinion Polls

Polls suggest that the Greens are on track to possibly treble their MEP continent in England to SIX (4 or 5 perhaps being more likely), and Scottish Greens could secure one.
Despite misinformation to the contrary, the Wales Green Party has never been remotely in contention to secure an MEP this time around. If it had ever been a remote possibility, I wouldn’t have stood aside to support Jill Evans campaign.

A glance at the table above shows just how imperative it is that fractivists and ecosocialists rally behind Jill Evans.

The polls are all over the place for Wales. The national pollsters rarely survey more than 50 to 60 voters in the whole of Wales making the individual polls a nonsense. Looking for trends in all the recent polls could be more revealing.

They show Plaid Cymru ranging from 6% to 29% (no seat to two seats) but averaging around 13% and making Jill very marginal to retain her seat.
The Green Party in Wales range from 2% to 12% but averaging about 4%. If half of this were to vote for Jill, it could well make all the difference.

If Jill were to lose her seat, the polls suggest it could go to a second Labour candidate, but it looks slightly more likely to go to UKIP. Mind boggling!!! Scary!!!!

Of course, there is only one poll that matters – and that is at your local polling station next Thursday.

Get out and vote – and make sure it counts and makes a real difference!!

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