Bridgend Against the Bedroom Tax

The inaugural meeting was held last night with Bridgend Greens and Plaid Cymru to the fore. Probably a bit too left wing for local Labour people.

Jamie Insole is an excellent co-ordinator for similar groups across South wales and along with seasoned campaigner, Len Arthur (PAAA) we had a productive meeting agreeing targets areas and strategy. I expect Bridgend Greens to be to the fore as the main target area will be Bettws – an area we know well and have excellent activists in (take a bow Gareth and Delyth!)

I will be meeting up them and booking a date in the Life Centre for a public meeting in early October.

Given the UN housing expert’s perspective ( and Labours failure to commit to reversing atrocious policy if they ever get back in power, it is clearly time for us to take a stand.

We will be inviting the UN Rapporteur at the centre of the controversy to visit South Wales on her next visit.

Watch this for updates and what you can do to help.

Andy Chyba.

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