Caroline Lucas exposes Lansley’s complete lack of interest in Climate Change targets and only wants to talk about money

Fracking mentioned in Business of the House debate in Parliament yesterday:Caroline Lucas (Brighton, Pavilion, Green)

May we have a science-led debate on whether Ministers should be spending more time working out how to keep fossil fuels in the ground and less time squandering taxpayers money on tax breaks for shale gas that scientists say we simply cannot afford to burn if the Government are to keep to their commitment to limit global warming to below 2°, a commitment that was reaffirmed at the G8 last week?

Andrew Lansley (South Cambridgeshire, Conservative)
I am not sure that I am likely to agree with the Hon. Lady on the possible benefits of investment in shale gas exploitation, not least for hard-pressed consumers who want to see the benefits in terms of energy prices, and for the security of energy supply in this country. She has had opportunities during discussions on the Energy Bill to consider these matters and I am sure that there will be further opportunities in the future.

Eric Ollerenshaw (Lancaster and Fleetwood, Conservative)

Following on from the previous question, from press reports this morning and from the statement by the Chief Secretary in reply to my neighbour and good friend Mr Wallace, is it not time that the Chamber had a full debate on the impact of shale gas? As you know, Mr Speaker, we are very generous people in Lancashire, but we want to get to the bottom of the appropriateness of the compensation scheme, whether it will be underpinned by statute and how we will ensure that the communities most affected get the compensation they deserve.

Andrew Lansley (South Cambridgeshire, Conservative)

My Hon. Friend makes further good points on this. I cannot offer a debate at the moment, but he will be aware that Ministers from the Department of Energy and Climate Change will be answering questions on 11 July. I will draw their attention to the points that my Hon. Friend and other Hon. Members have made. I have said that I cannot promise a debate immediately, but Hon. Members may seek opportunities elsewhere. I hope that when the time comes, we can take forward what I think are rather exciting announcements about the potential capacity for shale gas exploitation, while making sure that Members of this House are aware of the benefits that will flow not only to consumers and the economy, but to their constituents.

Lansley needs to learn what is worth respecting!!

1 thought on “Caroline Lucas exposes Lansley’s complete lack of interest in Climate Change targets and only wants to talk about money

  1. pippa

    stop the insanity now! You have no right to to destroy the earth and the criminally insane must be stopped! while we are incensed at the unbelievable mebntal derangement of such ideas we send love healing and prays that you wake up and treat the earth and all beings with respect! meanwhile we have to protect her from insane people!!



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