Euro list result – Bridgend Green Party to the fore!

I am pleased to be able to report that I have been officially elected the lead candidate for Wales Green Party for the Euro elections next year. This will be interesting on a few different levels! Many thanks to all those that supported me.

I am also delighted to report that fellow Bridgend member Roz Cutler has joined me on the list, securing 4th place and giving welcome gender balance on the list.

Final placings:

  1. Andy Chyba
  2. Pippa Bartolotti
  3. John Matthews
  4. Rosemary Cutler
  5. Christopher Were (reserve)

4 thoughts on “Euro list result – Bridgend Green Party to the fore!

  1. john matthews

    congrats on leading the list care to elaborate on your comment that it will be interesting on a few different levels


    1. Bridgend or Swansea Green Party - South Wales West Post author

      Very gracious of you John. Thank you.

      The different levels would include:
      Personally – as this will be a new experience for me
      Locally – as to the impact it may, or may not, have on the fortunes of Bridgend Greens
      Regionally – in terms of Wales Green Party – and how it responds and is responded to
      Nationally – in terms of reaction from other parts of GPEW.

      The initially reactions have been entirely positive and very heartening.


  2. Silver Price

    While historically, gender bias in research mostly disadvantaged women, and sometimes also affected men (e.g. diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer), new research increasingly reports cases where important biological and psychosocial differences have been shown to influence outcomes for both women and men.



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