Last night’s Fracking Public Meeting in Cowbridge

Meeting hosted by The Vale Says NO!

Chaired by Rob McGhee (Standing)

“Photo from last night’s meeting to oppose Gas Drilling in the Vale and South Wales. Good crowd (c.50) with lots of ideas to take forward. Watch this space for further action!

It could not have been more timley with George Osbourn’s ‘lovely’ bribe. Money over the future well-being of the people and this beautiful land? No thank you!”

Either side of me on the panel: Louise Evans (TVSN founder) and Denis Campbell, local resident and journalist who runs the Worldview channel that has been a passionate supporter of the anti-fracking campaign (
The audience included Green campaigners Anne Greagsby and Max Wallis (appropriately enough, left of centre in the picture, and Bridgend member John Evans who helped set the hall up)

The video shown can be found here:

My most recent interview with Denis on Worldview can be seen here:

3 thoughts on “Last night’s Fracking Public Meeting in Cowbridge

  1. Keith Williams

    Check out these video’s on tracking ?
    I enclose 2 links, hoping that they will contribute to the tracking issues;

    Hope you can distribute them to all concerned,


    R. Keith Williams



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