Bettws By-election – a reality check

Gareth’s excellent 24% in the Bettws Election in May gave rise to optimism that we could advance again in today’s by-election. It was not to be and casts May’s result in a different light. With most of Gareth’s vote switching directly to the Independent with a ‘don’t vote for political parties’ platform, it is clear that we had the anti-establishment vote in May and that the Independent offered an even more anti-establishment option this time around. Our Green message has not sunk in at all, sad to say.

Add to this the fact that Labour were taking no chances, and rolled out their big machinery and swarmed over Bettws like a rash today (apologies for the mixed metaphors – but it is getting late!), and we were always fighting over the minor places. We did at least beat the Tory – who couldn’t even be bothered to show up to the count.

So, time to re-group and re-evaluate where we are and where we are going. This will be what the whole party will be doing in the wake of the leadership election – with the result for this announced on Monday – and the Annual Conference just a week away.

Einstein said it is insanity to keep doing the same thing and expect different results. So it is more of the same for Bettws and Bridgend CBC. How depressing is that?

Welcome to the Asylum of the Universe!

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