Scottish Catholic Leaders: Stop Demeaning Same-Sex Couples

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Hi Andrew,The Scottish government is this close to legalizing gay marriage. But with plans to allow same-sex couples to marry within three years, leaders of the Scottish Catholic Church are resisting and denigrating same-sex unions as “grotesque.”

Tell Cardinal Ketih O’Brien to retract his offensive comments about same-sex couples and support marriage equality »

In legalizing gay marriage, the government is taking great pains to ensure that no member of the clergy will have to compromise their belief, by ensuring clergy aren’t required to administer ceremonies unless they choose to.

But carving out a religious exception isn’t enough for Cardinal O’Brien, who’d prefer to superimpose his values on the Scottish people by denying all gays and lesbians the chance marry. He’s rousing his followers and lobbying politicians to keep discrimination the status quo. We can’t let him win.

Demand Cardinal O’Brien back down and defend equal rights, not keep some Scots second-class citizens »

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Scottish Catholic Leaders: Stop Demeaning Same-Sex Couples
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