Green viral videos – something for everyone here

Viral videos make the Internet go round. Well known fact. The biggest viral videos are as much a part of culture as any hit TV show. And yes, there are green ones.

Green viral videos have the added charge of carrying a beneficial environmental message along with quirky, irresistible footage. When effective, they can transport valuable information across the web faster than just about anything else.

Here are 9 of the best–and one that’s so bad, it might just be worth watching. There is comedy, horror, music, cartoons, documentary and mockumentary – something for everyone. For what it is worth I agree with the No.1 – it is brilliant. Which is your favourite?


This animated spoof of the Matrix became so popular that it spawned an entire series about the dark side of the meat industry.


8. The Onion – Greening the Iraq War

The Onion is perhaps the most consistent source for satire on the all of the inter-tubes. Here, they manage to effortlessly send up both war misconduct and the green movement in one fell swoop.

7. Spiders on Drugs

Making use of the conventional format of the ever-ubiquitous nature video, this viral video spread like wildfire through the blogoshpere and all your friend’s FaceBook pages for one reason: it’s hilarious.

6. Captain Planet Parody

This video highlights both the viral video’s tendencies to capitalize on snark and the growing distinction between old school environmentalism and the technology-embracing new wave. And that Captain Planet is way dated.

5. How Much Water is in Your Latte?

Brief, informative, and shocking–all the ingredients that make for a good viral video. The amount of water wasted to create your morning latte will amaze you. Seriously good food for thought.

4. Story of Stuff

In addition to being a viral video hit, the Story of Stuff is now circulating in classrooms across the country. And well it should–the story of where all these goods that have become so central to our lives come from is a tale not told nearly enough.

3. Coen Brothers Clean Coal

In green circles, news of this video spread faster than an Al Gore book launch. The Coen brothers–Academy Award-winning directors of No Country for Old Men, Fargo, and the Big Lebowski–created this ad to lampoon the concept of clean coal.

2. Hatchery Horrors

Disclaimer: this is educational but disturbing. Perhaps not intended for the squeamish. There’s a chance you’ve already seen this one–or at least the beginning, before it got ugly and you clicked away. Hatchery Horrors, the expose of the cruel practices employed at poultry factories reached millions of viewers thanks to its rare footage and pointed message.

1. Mr. W

I’ll refrain from discussing this one in case you haven’t seen it yet–but this German TV ad is indisputably a classic.

Watch at Your Own Risk . . . Let’s Save Our Environment

Oh yeah, and I promised an example of green viral gone wrong. Here is exactly that, in all its ridiculous glory.

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