Crucial stage of the fracking battle – we need your help!!!

A year into the fight against fracking in this area, we are slowly getting into a position where we can land a knock out blow. We are committed to fighting the appeal case into the Vale’s decision to ban the test drilling application. We are up against big business interests and their money. We need just a few pounds of yours to fight them on your behalf. Go to the campaign website to donate whatever you can afford, and please pass this around:

The money is needed to pay for the services of an experienced barrister to help us make sure our case is presented in the most telling way possible. Any surplus will be made available for other anti-fracking campaigning activities, either locally or, potentially in other parts of the country. Please remember – this is not a NIMBY campaign. Our minimum goal is a UK wide moratorium on fracking.

I cannot stress how crucial this battle is. We have already set the precedent in persuading local planners to block these proposals. It would be tragic to have this overturned on appeal.

I am confident we have the right strategy to see this through to a successful conclusion – one that will have tremendous ramifications across the country by providing a legal precedent to support people trying desperately to protect their regions from this reckless and irresponsible pursuit of the short term buck.

It is over to you folks now!! Http://

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