“The leader of a council where exploration firms want to test drill for lucrative shale gas has urged the First Minister to personally intervene over the highly controversial issue. Councillor Gordon Kemp, leader of Vale of Glamorgan council, wrote to Carwyn Jones asking the Welsh Government to take responsibility in planning matters relating to the exploration and exploitation of shale gas reserves.

Coun Kemp said a national Welsh framework policy needed to be drawn up by the Government to guide councils about whether drilling for the gas should be allowed.”

South Wales Echo today
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This has been part of what I have been saying from the outset, so well done VoGCBC!
Better late than never.
At last we have some serious acknowledgement, from within the system, that fracking is an issue that cannot be properly handled under the existing planning framework.

Coun Kemp should be applauded for refusing to be the scapegoat when things go wrong down the line.

It is obvious to just about all, bar fudgemeister Tim Yeo, that the only sane thing to do about fracking is impose a moratorium while the ramifications are definitively established by recognisably independent experts.

We are getting there, slowly but surely!! Everyone in Bridgend should write to their illustrious AM, Carwyn Jones, and make sure he grasps the nettle, as Bridgend is the epicentre of the area threatened by the fracking menace.



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