Thousands of fracking wellheads across South Wales?

Hi Andy, Would you have any figures on how many rigs, compression stations etc that would be need to service the S Wales region if they went full scale?

Hi Dylan,

I presume you are referring to the figures mentioned on the video from Tara, Queensland, with regards to spacing of well heads.
This showed the current spacing on that estate at 750m apart, but with a planned spacing into the future of 400m apart.

Extrapolating these to the licenced areas of South Wales is fairly simple maths. If you look at the PEDL map ( ) you will see that the licences are for 10km squares for the most part and it is easy enough to count 14 whole squares with a few bits and pieces left over to make up a bit more than one more. So let us call it 15.

10km = 10,000m so at 750m apart we would have 13
A 10km x 10 km would therefore have 13 x 13 well heads = 170
15 such squares = 170 x 15 = 2550 across the whole region.

At 400m intervals, the sums become 25 per 10km
25 x 25 per 10km square = 625
And 625 x 15 gives 9375 across the whole region!!!!!

The required density of well heads would depend on local conditions, being higher on shale beds than coal beds for a start. The 750m interval would match what we see in much of the Gasland movie and would seem to be reasonable and realistic of any attempt to optimise extraction in South Wales, in my opinion.

The bottom line is that South Wales is facing the prospect of thousands of well heads. And all will be perfectly executed and safely operated? Insane or what!

Hope to see you Thursday.


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