ITV WALES coverage of the Fracking issue last night + GASLAND showing in Llantwit

ITV Website: “People campaigning against plans to drill for gas supplies locked deep under south Wales, are meeting in the Vale of Glamorgan tonight.”

Refers to the public showing of GASLAND in Llantwit last night. It was great to see Sarah Woods from the COOPERATIVE there, having come all the way from mid Wales, to endorse the film (the Co-op are the UK distributors) and to support and encourage the campaign in South Wales. With their backing we hope to have much bigger events in Bridgend and Swansea before long. Gerwyn Williams (Coastal Oil & Gas) is stating to spread nonsense about GASLAND being withdrawn, such is his desperation for us not to show it and you all not to watch it!! Tough luck Gerwyn, you will have to try a lot harder than that!

It was also good to see several people from the Maesteg area and from as far east as Newport and as far West as Swansea in attendance, along with several of the Bridgend Party regulars. Thank you all.

Also in attendance was Radio Wales who took quite extensive interviews with Louise Evans, Sarah Woods and myself (Andy). If anyone listens to Radio Wales, let me know if you here anything on fracking in the next few days.

There was also good coverage in the Gem newspaper, and last but not least, a nice piece on the ITV Wales 6.00pm bulletin last night, that you can see here:

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