TTIP in Bridgend

I won’t be around on 22nd August – but hopefully someone out there (Bridgend Greens??) may get involved with this

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Dear Andrew,

Politicians in Europe have just voted to keep working on TTIP. [1] That’s the shady trade deal between the EU and the US that puts companies’ profits before ordinary people. [2] Most people still don’t know what TTIP is – or how much is at stake. Together, we urgently need to change that, because the shady deal has just been given a boost.

So let’s keep making sure that people are talking about why it’s bad for all of us. TTIP is negotiated in the interests of the mega rich – and it’ll give corporations the right to sue our government for billions if they don’t like their policies. Talking about this deal is the last thing politicians will want us to do this summer.

Here’s the plan. On Saturday 22nd August, thousands of us will join together in high streets and town centres across the UK. We’ll be collecting signatures for the massive EU-wide petition against TTIP. [3] If each of us collects 10 signatures, imagine how many more people we’ll have joining the campaign! Before long, the public will start to turn against TTIP – that’s when politicians and officials will lose.

Will you join the team in Bridgend? We’ll be coming together on Saturday 22nd August, meeting up at 11am on our high streets, nationwide. Click below to join the team in Bridgend:



People need to know about this dangerous deal. It’s a risk to the future of the NHS, and our other treasured public services. It’ll weaken laws that protect our environment, and undermine international efforts to combat climate change. [4] But most people aren’t going to find out unless we tell them: TTIP is being negotiated behind closed doors and most media are staying well clear.

38 Degrees members have already made huge progress lifting the secrecy this deal is shrouded in, through events like these in the past. This time last year, around 150,000 38 Degrees members had taken action against TTIP – now over 400,000 of us are involved in the campaign! [5]

So, are you in? Just click the link below to sign-up to the team in Bridgend – it’s on Saturday 22nd August at 11am. You’ll be asked to pop in some details, and then you can join an existing meeting, or set the venue for another one. Then the office team will invite other 38 Degrees members along. You can also chat online with other 38 Degrees members to get to know each other before the day.

Click here to join in:



Thanks for being involved,

Amy, Megan, James, Nat, Blanche and the 38 Degrees team

PS: In a few weeks time, you’ll get a parcel in the post: leaflets, t-shirt, badges, petition sheets – and some top tips to help you on the day. It’ll give you everything you need to take along on the day. And here are some handy FAQs if you’ve got any questions now:

Even if you can’t make your local meet-up, you could go door-to-door flyering leaflets or ask your local community centre if you could leave the leaflets on a table there. Click here to sign-up for a pack:

PPS: Not everyone can make it out onto the streets – and that’s totally understandable. There will be many more things that 38 Degrees members will do together over the summer, so look out!

[1] War on Want: Divided: MEPs pass controversial TTIP resolution:
Global Justice Now: Pro-TTIP report passes European Parliament after “dirty tricks” from President Schulz:
You can find our how your MEP voted here:
38 Degrees: TTIP: Who voted for what?
MEPs voted on a set of recommendations about TTIP. It’s not a legally binding vote, but gives a clear signal to the European Commission who are negotiating the deal with the US that they can keep going.
[2] Here’s some information about TTIP (but the staff team will give you a simple fact sheet if you’d like more easy-to-digest information before the day!):
38 Degrees: Information on TTIP:
The Telegraph: What is TTIP and why is it so controversial?:
[3] 38 Degrees members will be encouraging other people to add their names to the EU-wide petition against TTIP. It’s already got over 2.3 million signatures!:
[4] Friends of the Earth: What is TTIP? And why worry about it?:
[5] Read more about what 38 Degrees members are doing to stop TTIP here:
And have a read about previous Days of Action that 38 Degrees members have taken part in here:
38 Degrees: TTIP: Day of Action:
38 Degrees: Day of Action against TTIP in Scotland:
38 Degrees: Save our NHS – what a day!:

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