Wales can challenge the Tory cuts (PAW press release)

Press release from PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY WALES:

Everyone living in Wales is being asked to urgently sign a petition against any further UK government austerity cuts. The People’s Assembly Wales has launched the petition through the campaign organisation 38 Degrees, calling upon all members of the National Assembly for Wales to vote no to the cuts budget planned for next year.

A ‘no’ vote by assembly members would put the Welsh Government on a head to head standoff with the UK government over austerity and the preservation of public services in Wales. A vote is expected toward the end of November

People’s Assembly Wales convenor Len Arthur said

“The planned 3.7% real terms cut for next year results from the reduced allocation from the UK government. It will mean another round of cuts in all services provided by local councils and in further and higher education; even NHS Wales, which has received an increase in funding, will not be unscathed.

If this goes through it will mean that real funding to Wales will have fallen by 17% since the onset of the financial crisis in 2008, a loss of nearly £3billion.

People who did not cause the financial crisis should not pay for it. It is time to say to the UK government enough is enough.

We appeal to everyone in Wales to do so urgently by signing our petition online HERE  or using a paper version, downloadable HERE.



The People’s Assembly Wales was formed at a conference in Cardiff which was held 4 October 2014. It was called by 16 anti cuts campaigns, trade unions and political organisations from across Wales. This included Bridgend Green Party.

Wales Green Party has since signed up to endorsing the campaign as well.

A report of the conference and founding documents can be accessed HERE. It’s Facebook page can be found HERE.

Len Arthur (Left Unity) was elected convenor at the conference.

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