People’s Assembly Wales – petition & campaign next steps

Copy of email from People’s Assembly Wales re petition & campaign next steps
Thank you to all (that have) for signing the petition and we hope you don’t mind if we contact you again about building support. We’ll try and keep these emails to one a week.
We’ve had a good week with the Green Party Wales supporting us and some support from Plaid members. We are currently heading toward 500 which is not bad for the first two weeks and only using the internet but we do need to lift the support to have an impact – we only have 4 weeks to do this.

This week we will start to hit the media so look out for the response.

The real growth in support will be if we ‘snowball’ with existing supporters and signers getting one, two or more of their friends and colleagues to vote.

All forms of communication can be used and good old fashioned email lists are really quite effective – or even talking to people!

Here is a People’s Assembly Wales flyer you can use electronically or hard copy: it has a petition form on the back for signing.

Here is a hard copy of the petition: and the post also has details where both can be sent to.

All the arguments are on the web-blog using the links above.

We have set up a Facebook event page for feedback and updating:

And our Twitter link can be used the same way @PAWalesCymru

All public services in Wales really do face another round of serious cuts next year unless AMs defy the Tories. 3.7% real terms cut is huge and as is the 17% lost since the financial crisis in 2008.

We didn’t create the crisis and we should not pay for it!

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