Wales Says NO to the Bedroom Tax

  • Saturday, November 22
    at 12:00pm
  • Outside The Senedd/Welsh Assembly Building, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, South Glamorgan CF99 1NA

Our demands –
*WE WANT WHAT THE SCOTS GOT! The Scottish Parliament has effectively abolished the bedroom tax for Scottish tenants. The Northern Ireland Assembly has driven it back. We need the Welsh Government to move now.
* NO EVICTIONS – Until abolition we demand every Council and Housing Association in Wales pledge that nobody will lose their home for the crime of being unable to afford the bedroom tax.
* SUPPORT THE RIGHT TO APPEAL – We want social landlords to help tenants appeal against the hated tax. We also call for a joint-hardship fund and reclassification where appropriate. All social landlords must stand by their longstanding tenants
*DEFEND EVERY HOME -We are the anti-evictions army, we call upon everyone to join the ‘Home Guard’ to throw up human walls of solidarity between our homes and bailiffs if needed. We will not allow anyone in our community to be driven out from their home.
BUILD NEW COUNCIL HOUSES – We have a housing crisis. Instead of bedroom tax & benefit cuts. We need affordable homes for all and rent controls to help private renters.
* AXE THE TAX. We demand the Tories and LibDems in Westminster immediately abolish the bedroom tax.

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN – The bedroom tax is now unravelling in the courts and tribunals. The UN Raporteur on Human Rights says it breeches human rights and should be suspended. The majority of the public now oppose it. But only we can beat it to the ground! Let’s show benefit cuts can be beaten.

Called by Bridgend, Cardiff & South Wales Against The Bedroom Tax.
A full list of sponsors and supporting organisations to be posted shortly.

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