Global Frackdown Day arrangements

We would like as many as possible to follow the arrangements below, but if not, then please just show up outside the Senedd building. Events there are scheduled to start at noon.
Global Frackdown Day

Basic info

Meet: 11.15 am at the Penarth end of the barrage to walk together to the Senedd

Wear: Hi-Viz Jackets and hard-hats (we’re masquerading as fracking crews)

Bring: your banners, globes, placards, flags, whistles, drums, loud-hailers…

Get: Chalk to make fracking cracks to the Senedd and flyers at the 11.15 am meet

Rally: 12noon – 2pm outside the Senedd, Cardiff Bay – speakers, choirs…

Further details about Cardiff event:

Global Frackdown Day:

Sori neges yn Saesneg yn unig

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