Inspiration from the Manic Street Preachers

Wales’ finest, the Manic Street Preachers have a new album that I keep playing constantly.

It is arguably their most reflective and most Welsh album to date with many a track that touches a nerve.
The back cover of the lyric booklet features a classic Albert Camus quote that I would like to adopt as my campaigning motto:


The title track, REWIND THE FILM, and its video is full of nostalgia for a past, in the Welsh Valleys, that was not so great, but better than the present:

“I want to feel small , lying in my mothers arms,
Playing my old old records, hoping that they’ll never stop,
There is too much heartbreak in the nothing of the now.”

As a campaign hymn, however, the closing track, 30-YEAR WAR, is even more pertinent:

“It’s the longest running joke in history,
To kill the working classes in the name of liberty,
The lies of Hillsborough, the blood of Orgreave,
All the evasion at the BBC.”

“So you hide all Lowry’s paintings, for 30 years more,
Cos he turned down a knighthood, and you must now settle the score,
And the endless parade of Old Etonian scum, line the front benches,
“So what is to be done”, all part of the same establishment,
I ask you again “What is to be done?”


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