Bridgend CBC school dinner shame highlighted by the Sunday Times


THE Sunday Times (22/09/13) is running a “Better School Meals” campaign, and as part of this, they have highlighted the very worst councils in terms of the the money spent on ingredients, and also the percentage of the price charged that goes on ingredients. Their findings thoroughly shame Labour-controlled Bridgend CBC.

Of all the councils in England & Wales, only 10 were found to spend less than 60p on ingredients for a school meal. Bridgend was next to worst in the entire country, spending just 57p. Northumberland is the only one to spend less at 56p. This is against a national average that, in itself, is poor at 75p.

And it gets worse. Bridgend was highlighted as the very worst in the entire country in what could be called its ‘rip-off’ league table, as only 27% of the £2.10 charge is spent on ingredients. Northumberland charges £1.90. Compare these disgraceful figures with what happens in other parts of the country. Wallsall, East Yorkshire, Bradford, Cheshire West and Chester all spend over 95p on ingredients for meals that they charge for no more than the £2.10 Bridgend charges.

Bridgend CBC apparently claims that they shave secured ‘competitive deals with suppliers’. I bet they have! But we all know that ultimately quality food is not the cheapest food. And this not explain why Bridgend CBC rips parents off by charging £1.53 over the ingredient costs – more than any where else in England & Wales. If they are getting such a good deal on the ingredients, why are they getting such a bad deal on the the other cost factors? Or are they simply profiteering at hard pressed parents expense?

It leaves a very bad taste in the mouth, doesn’t it? But it is what we have come to expect from the Red Tories in Bridgend.

Andy Chyba
Bridgend Green Party


PS – We are seeking disclosure of exactly where BCBC gets its ingredients from and, given how little it spends on them, why parents/pupils are being charged such high prices.

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